Alpine Energy Timaru Brass
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Timaru Brass

Alpine Energy Timaru Municipal Brass

Founded in 1867, the Alpine Energy Timaru Brass Band, also known previously as the Timaru Municipal Band, is a member of an illustrious group of New Zealand bands - being over 150 years old. The band celebrated its 150th in June, 2017, and is one of only a handful of bands in New Zealand to have existed for so long.

Alpine Energy Timaru Brass is the only band from Timaru, and is an organisation which not only contests at regional and national level, but also aims to serve the public, with concerts each year and civic duties. The band consists of about 30 members, with currently no permanant MD, and President Carolyn Parr, since November 2017, alongside an Executive Committee consisting of players of various backgrounds, ideas and experience to run the band by the day.

Timaru Concert Brass is the development band, aimed at appealing to players who are newer to playing, or are too old or over committed to keeping up with the Senior Band, or even those who are looking for more of a casual band to play with. Timaru Concert Brass is aptly lead by Phil Bettany, who is also a member of the Senior Band.

Paul Black - Musical Director