Alpine Energy Timaru Brass
Alpine Energy
Timaru Brass

Player List

Musical Director Shane Foster
Solo Cornets John Wise, Paul Brown
Repriano Cornet Grace Beatson
Second Cornet Margaret Walker, Jacob Cox
Third Cornet Mike Devlin, Lucy Laming, Bruce McRobie
Solo Horn Thomas Kissell
First Horn Jo Doyle
First Euphonium Dave Mallot
Second Euphonium Brian Ruffell
First Baritone Carolyn Parr
Second Baritone Margaret van Ginkel
First Trombone Connor Rabbidge, Mel Morris
Second Trombone Ben Walker
Bass Trombone Phil Bettany
E♭ Bass Mikel Clark, Jacob Stonehouse, Grant Campbell
B♭ Bass Oscar van Stekelenborg, Leigh Martin
Percussion Courtney McRobie, Kent Smith

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a group of 9 members of the band, as well as the nominated roles of President and Secretary, and the two MD. The Committee is responsible for making decisions about how to run the band, financing, assisting the MD in music selection, concert and contest organisation, including travel, accommodation, venues, players etc.

President Carolyn Parr
Vice President Mikel Clark
Secretary/Treasurer Jo Doyle
MD Shane Foster
Concert Brass MD Phil Bettany
Brian Ruffell
Connor Rabbidge
Emma Steven
Margaret Walker
Margaret van Ginkel
Mel Morris
Norm Scott
Thomas Kissell